Saturday, December 20, 2008

Blooming Beauties!

A long break from blogging, as other priorities have sort of pushed my blogging time, right down, and had to pull it up, with great difficulty, to give its rightful place, right on top, after oh- so- long! So just putting up two tiny blogs, with pictures to do more of the talking!

With the summer waning away and climate turning absolutely pleasant, picked up few plants at the nursery. I think it belongs to the zinnia family, though not sure. They looked lovely, in full bloom, and some buds still to open up. The entire family took it up to tenderly water the pots and placing them on sills for its daily dose of sunlight, and then putting them back in time. And well the effort did shine through, much to our delight!

It’s Fauna this time...!

A wonderful huge garden, relatively close to our place, is hugely popular, during the pre-winter season, where families throng the place for picnics. Crowds descending with a trail of stuff, the pram, the cycle, the bats and the balls, the huge mats, blankets the entire barbeque embellishments, and the huge food bag(s) ofcourse. Its fun watching them troop in like an army building up their base! Huge stetches of green grass, big drooping trees, and well laid walking paths and pavements, and not to forget the lovely lamp posts, which looked great as the night crept in!

The best part was the visit to the mini zoo, within the huge park, which never fails to delight, especially the liitle ones who go all ga-ga watching either the tricks of the monkeys or awed by the huge ostrich strutting around. Was glad the animals were enjoying the brilliant weather, and hoped that the summer to follow is not too harsh on them. So just a few pictures, though not very good ones, which manage to capture the animals, who mustve made an arduous trip across oceans and plains, to be here, in this Arabian desert, warming the hearts of the multitude, who go back with a definite skip in their steps and a smile on their face.