Saturday, April 25, 2009

Let the music play on…

Had been Tagged a long long time ago! Its to do about our musical-notes[1]favourite songs, I guess 5 from each language, you are familiar with (if I’m not wrong!).

Well, English songs grew up on a small dosage, but a concentrated one suffused with ABBA, Beatles, Donna Summer, Michael Jackson, Madonna, Wham and few stray Grammy hits. Period. But picked them up again after shifting to Kuwait, and now have current favourites, and also managed to catch up with a few great ones, that I had missed in the years in between!! So here goes :

English – 1. La Isla Bonita - Madonna

2. Hasta manana – ABBA

3. Careless Whispers – George Michael

4. Bubbly – Colbie Caillat

5. When I’m gone – Simple plan

My Hindi songs pre-marriage was restricted to Julie, Sholay and ofcourse Sagar. But after my shift to Pune, had my share of bollywood songs. From melodious to the fast moving ones, liked them all!

Hindi – 1. Tere Bina – Guru

2. Mithwaa – KANK

3. Piyu bole – Parineeta

4. Kaje ra re – BAB

5. kya muje pyar hai – woh lamhe

Tamil songs have been always around, in and out, just a bit off touch, off late. It is going to be all the more difficult drawing out the 5 songs, covering more than 3 decades!! Though AR Rahman rules the roost, the past one decade.

Tamil – 1. Songs from alaiypayuthe

2. ‘’ ‘’ rhythm

3. porale ponnu thayee – karuthamma

4. munbe vaa – SOK

5. songs from aayutha ezuthu

Phew! done. This definitely is not an exhaustive list, its just the tip of icebergs! thanks wannabe, really enjoyed doing it going back and forth on flashback trips.

“ Ah, music. A magic beyond all we do here! “
- J. K. Rowling,
she indeed knew what she was saying!!


WannabeWriter said...

Ahh!!! Nice! :) Thanks for taking it up...

And you are welcome...doing the tag reminds you of so many songs you haven't heard for some time and makes you go back and listen to them again! I think that's the best part of this!

Reflections said...

Careless whispers always brings back memories of my best friend....she used to play it day in & day out for 6 months...we used to climb the walls;-D

Nice tag wasn't it:-D!!!!!!

onlooker said...

@ reflections - :) can imagine the hold the song had on your friend. and she made sure u'd remember it too, forever!! ya enjoyed doing it!

Butterfly said...

Nice list. Especially the english songs. I grew up on english music. And Hindi. Somehow did not take a liking to malayalam songs.

drift wood said...

love all the ones u mention with the exception of 'When I’m gone' which i'm not familiar with. not the tamil ones either. :-(
the best thing of these tags is the amount of interesting info u pick up as u trawl through peoples tags. u must write more often.

pink dogwood said...

la isla bonita takes me back to when I was a teenager. I love careless whisper and most songs by George Michael. I love Tere Bina and Kya mujhe pyar hai.

Thanks for stopping by my place - nice to have met you :)

onlooker said...

@ Butterfly - Hi! Welcome and Thanks! :)

@ driftwood - glad you liked them all, like books, music too brings people closer. when im gone is a newer one, a bit philosphicallish! :)and me writing more, awww.. feels good when people prod or goad me to write on! thanks! hope am able to do that!!

@ pink dogwood - real surprising that we have so much in common, in our music list! :) mebe from the same 'era'! and same here, and hoping to see more!

Reflections said...

Helloooooo....its been 2 months now since u put up ur last post????