Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Do you remember..

Time for some quizzing!! Yes you read it right! Have been going through few encyclopaedias, the real ones; unlike its more popular online counterparts, are heavy, and they sit gloomily atop shelves, giving accusing and forlorn looks, at being abandoned and left to fend on their own. So with the noble intention of redeeming things, picked them up and went through a few of them. No heavy  stuff, just the light topics.

Well, the strangest thing that struck me while doing this was that, how in this age we're engulfed by information, and is all ours for the taking, at our bidding. And armed with this power of knowledge, we go about our lives, smug and seemingly ‘enriched’. But the brain, which used to be the reservoir of an amalgamation of knowledge and titbits, acquired over years, with great care and effort, seems to have been left with one job short. Retrieval. And with this faculty not being put into use, we may be in danger of losing some precious memories too, slotted or tucked away under the miscellaneous sections. The memory chip of ours may become obliterated, the function being outdated and redundant. Eerily reminded of scenes in WALL-E!

Well, I would be lying if I were to say I wouldn't be 'clueless' without Wikipedia or 'Google' around; but what I am trying to put across is that we are slowly being, or rather our grey cells are being overridden stealthily by the invasion of a species, which snares and weaves an intricate web, and in the process, rendering us a bit hollow, more so in the upper area, when left on our own. Its not going to happen in the imminent future, but I guess its a sad tale to foresee. And there definitely would be a few WALL-Es and EVEs ( prefer EEVA) around to set things right, if and when we turn into automated fixtures.

Anyways, here are the rules. Cross your heart, and solemnly say " I will not go to Google page. I will not hit the search button. I will try my best to retrieve what has been saved in my memory, by my very own nerve tissues" and then start the quiz, and let me know, how many you were able to get right. Here goes..and have fun!

  1. Subramanyan Chandrasekhar was known for –
  2. Where are the Aleutian Islands?
  3. Salties are refered to –
  4. Cyclops Polyphemus was –
  5. The country known as the Land of the Song –
  6. What are Frescos?
  7. Where would you find 'Wats' and what is it?
  8. Who or what is Aryabhatia?
  9. What is the difference between green tea and black tea? 
  10. One of the animals that can survive a nuclear bomb blast -


KParthasarathi said...

If you wish to test our knowledge,tell us straightaway to take a quiz without the help of net.But you scared us saying our retrieval powers would atrophy by gradual disuse!!
I am always for Wiki and Google as what I have stored is old and obsolete and things change so fast in an incredible manner that old information fall by way side every minute with new replacing them.

drift wood said...


Cursing you for making me feel so inadequate. Grr..

ok, i got only 3,4,6,9 & 10. :((

siva said...

I agree with KP, totally.

vaidegi j said...

Well, its been contrasting responses so far! :)

@ kp

Sir, the intention was never to scare or intimidate. It was anything but that. It was all in the spirit of some mild fun. And just my take on some things.
And I do accept your point of view too, its been universally accepted,and this was just a slight twist to that! :)

vaidegi j said...

@ dw

:)) C'mon you are in no way!

Ok, the scores say you have to brush up some Indian History!! ;)

Dee said...

You are so google? You mean u r killing us while drilling us??? OK I will fight my shame and give it a shot!!!


2.Hands up... :P

3.some snack?? er..

4.One eyed monster?


6.cave paintings

7.Cambodia...Buddhist temples?

8.Ancient Indian mathematician?

9.Green tea is tea is dried? now can u see the extent of my bluffing? :P

10.ah aha ah somewhere in my brain..errrrr dolphin??? bah!

I took an oath not to google so am willingly accepting all mistakes...! verdict please!!

vaidegi j said...

@ dee

:) wasn't it fun?!
wow! you almost got most of it. i wudntve known half of it, if someone had asked me out of the blue.except for the dolphin part which had me rolling! ;)

@ dee & dw

really appreciate your enthusiasm and willingness to try it out, and coming up with few confessions too! :) Thanks!

Reflections said...

Hehehe I knew only 6, 8, 9 & 10.

But seriously have to agree with u....we are sooo dependent on google that its scary;-(

vaidegi j said...

@ Reflections

Hey! Not a bad score! Scary or not, its the inevitable! :)