Saturday, March 21, 2009

Summer arrives, finally...

  Its been a verDSCN0650y moody, misty muggy March!! There seemed to be some reluctance, and maybe the skies, the sun, the wind, the clouds had varying sessions of impromptu meetings, to devise methods in keeping the oncoming summer at bay!! There were windy days, dusty days, rainy days, ‘chilly’ days and outright muggy days. Never knew what would be in store the next day morning; wet pavements or brown dusty streets, wailing winds, or the warm,fuzzy rays straining through the grey mass of clouds.

And now its finally come to an end, i guess this period of confusioDSCN0571n, prevailing in the skies above, and all have been told to get back to their respective jobs, and stop fooling around; Mr. Sun has been formally instated as the reigning premiere for the upcoming session!!

I really marvel at the few greenery, which i happen to chance upon on the streets. Never fails to bring a smile, and fills me with a sense of awe and wonder at the efforts gone into it, in making the flowers bloom, so gaily, in keeping the green parts, a real fresh sprightly green! Hats off to them! To all those who harbour away at their petite gardens or pathways. Thanks to them, we get to feast upon, these wonderful gifts of nature, which definitely spruce up our spirits, besides their silent life nurturing role.

My blog these days seems to resemble monthly weather reports! But honestly this bizarre changes in climate, this past month i would think, is definitely worth writing about! And hoping not to crib and whine about the summer, but focus on things other than climate, weather, clouds and rain. (fingers crossed!)