Thursday, January 12, 2012

This and that

Finished the abridged version of Mahabharata, by C.Rajagopalachari, and felt that, a small part of me would be at rest, as I have always felt we gorge on stuff from across the seas more, than what is at home! Or atleast it is definitely true in my case, so don't mean to generalize. Also realised, as they say in our journeys, the destinations need not be new, the vision has to be, every time. So it goes for reading too I guess. A book may reach out, with different perspectives, over the years, as we grow, assimilate, and as our thought processes change, and invariably so does the impact the book has, on the reader. The comprehension of what is offered is in a fluid state, and such books rightly called reference guides, offer insights into the nuances of life, whatever stage one might be in. 

In this epic, there are equal doses of noble and evil individuals, fair and unfair practices, impulsive and premeditated decisions, wars won and wars lost, the whys and why nots, and all loose ends tied up in the final chapters. Interestingly came across this video clipping and it was amazing the way the presenter actually gets to analyse the epic, dissect it  ruthlessly, twist and twirl it, to come up with some brilliant analogies. (Actually enjoyed it!) 

Have started 'Ponniyin Selvan' yet another book which used to make me cringe, whenever the topic came up, for I had no inkling as to what it was all about. It is one of the most popular Tamil Classics by Amarar Kalki, a historical novel, which captured the hearts of many in the 70's. Well, was enamoured by it, even in the first few pages. Its incredible, the descriptions, the plot, the detailing, the emotions and the unraveling of the mystery laden story. 

I have never been a huge fan of historical novels, and so this makes it all the more intriguing, that I should have been taken up by it, so swiftly. Well, for now, am glad I  have a good book in hand, for the coming days or months, as it is a huge five volume tale, with fine print running across weathered, dog-eared,  musty pages.

This TED video was a bit alarming, especially those blue bubbles, and totally off beat from the above topic. (Maybe I'm watching way too many videos for my own good!)


sivasundari bose said...

. . . the destinations need not be new, the vision has to be, every time . . .

wow Vaidegi.

KParthasarathi said...

Happy reading Vaidegi.
Reading of epics never stale and present fresh insights.Finish all the novels of kalki

Irfanuddin said...

enjoy the read...unfortunately i just can't concentrate on any version of novels after reading couple of pages....

and thanks for stopping by and for the lovely comment.....much appreciated....following you now...:)

best wishes,

vaidegi j said...

@ sb

Thanks! :)

@ KP

Thankyou Sir. Yes hoping to.

@ Irfanuddin

Welcome here! Not being able to proceed beyond after a couple of pages is almost incomprehensible to me! :) Love novels in any form.

Reflections said...

". . . the destinations need not be new, the vision has to be, every time . . ."
Happy reading;-)!!!!
Do u buy these books or are u borrowing them from a library????

Reflections said...

U've been awarded and tagged all-in-one;-D