Thursday, January 19, 2012

Am I Versatile??

Well, prepare yourself for a boring, insipid, narcissistic post ahead! Having said that I have to announce that I have been 'awarded' 'The Versatile Blogger' (for reasons best known to her) by Nancy of Reflections, and have been asked to do the Tag.

The rules of this tag:

 Add the Versatile Blogger Award picture to your Blog Post
 Thank the Blogger who nominated you
 Share 7 Random things about yourself
 Nominate 15 fellow Bloggers
 Inform the Bloggers of their nomination

So here goes, Thank you Nancy, for having conferred on me the title and the tag!

7 Random things about myself :
~ I like to add the finishing touches to any project done, and actually love the sprucing up part more than the actual project!
~ Love pastel colours, anytime, anywhere, anyday.
~ Totally at home with kids, more than grownups!!
~ Flounder a great deal when it comes to expression of speech, as compared to the written form.
~  Irked by people who do not follow the tag, 'Let live'.
~ Hand work as always been a weakness, which goes into hibernation but manages to surface with renewed passion, thankfully.
~Love Baking, and wish( if only) cooking = baking!

Now for the nominating part, it is next to impossible to hunt for 15 bloggers who drop in here! So will restrict to two, Dee, who with her open  conversations, laced with amusement and witty observations  keeps the readers entertained; and KP, with his versatile plots, storylines and characters, is a spinner of interesting tales.

More randomness -
In memory of our dear cat who choose to walk away one fine day!! :)


Reflections said...


Same here....I get realled irritated with people who judge others with so much authority. Live and let live is my motto too:-).
@6th point - Didnt get wht u were saying...are u talking abt embroidary and such-like....

@ the cat - he looks gorgeous...I'm quite sure he didnt walk away, somebody has taken him:-(

drift wood said...

Refreshing and fun :) abt you being good with kids, i always sensed that.

that cat's really beautiful :(

Irfanuddin said...

Congrats for the award.....wish you get more n more in future....:)

Dee said...

Congratulations on the tag...and YES you are very versatile and interesting to read! thank you so much for the nice words you have to say about my blog...that is so sweet and I will tackle the tag today!!!Thank you Vaidegi!!!! :)))

vaidegi j said...

@ Reflections

:) am assuming youve joined the blogging/commenting via mobile band!! ;)

6th point, well, yes the likes, and right now its crochet!!

the cat, sigh! we comfort ourselves with that thought! :)

vaidegi j said...

@ driftwood

:) Hoping the kids sense that too!! ;)

it was! the first official heartbreak for my younger son! :(

@ Irfanuddin

Thanks!! :)

@ Dee

:) Thanks a lot. Though wasn't actually fishing for it! ;) You're always welcome!