Thursday, October 30, 2008

And then it poured!!

With the onset of October, the scorching heat gave way to milder, pleasanter days and nights. So could see people, out in the streets, especially in the evenings and weekends. More of picnics, more of trips to the beach, trying to make most of it, the outings, before it turns too chill for comfort, towards November. The past two weeks though, it began to turn muggy and humid, sort of upsetting things. Well, that was a prelude to the showers to follow, was not known then. Well what a shower it turned out to be, yesterday!!

It did rain cats and dogs, atleast in our part of Kuwait, for surprisingly there were parts which didn't seem to have received any! It was lovely, all the prerequisites of a perfect rainy day! Starting with a consistent cool breeze, (which always is accompanied by a '' or rather a loud whistling noise around here), the darkening clouds, the smell of damp soil, the claps of thunder, and the dazzling lightening too! What seemed to be a mild drizzle to begin with, gained momentum and it was a full fledged pour, lasting for few hours.

Was reminded of the scores of Indian Monsoon we have been part of, more so when we saw kids and ladies stepping out to 'have a dance' in the rain!! Most windows were thrown open, and heads popping out, straining to have a look at this wonderful gushing, gurgling dripping wet sight; to an otherwise dry, dusty, arid scene outside. Streams of muddy water making their way to the nearest outlet, cars and buildings stumped, by this sudden torrid wash, and the pigeons and cats, scurrying for cover or huddled up in corners. The rain did take the desert land by surprise, to say the least, man ,besast et al!!

And it was such a comforting coincidence, that the rains did not make its sudden appearance during our Diwali Celebrations, the previous two days. The general festive mood, though slightly felt was there alright; and with the usual rituals being carried out in a foreign land, they seem to take on a greater significance. So a very eventful week, with loads of goodies to gorge ourselves on, lots of visiting to be in done, getting in touch with friends and family, sharing of good times and wishes - what festivals are all about!

So gearing up for winter, in the offing, summer clothes stacked away, and the woolies dragged down. Sigh! In for a, not long, but a cold, merciless season of heaters and sweaters, socks and gloves, and maybe laced with hot coffee and crispies, steaming kababs and pizzas doesn't seem all that gloomy!!


Anonymous said...

Great photographs of the rain.
Belated happy Divali.

Anonymous said...

Happy Divali, Onlooker! Love the photos and the great write-up. I laughed - the neighborhood outdoor cats had never seen rain before and didn't have a clue what to do about it.

Thangaraj said...

Could almost smell the wet earth,the dusty ground pelted with millions of rain drops; and see tightly closed window shutters flying open.
Yes, festivals have a deeper meaning when celebrated away from the homeland.
Luckily Tamilnadu had a respite for Diwali from the fortnight long damp weather.

onlooker said...

@ buyousef - thanks both for the comments and the wishes!

@ intlxpatr - Thank you for the wishes. The season seems to continue, so the cats might ve learnt a few lessons the past few days! ;)

@ thangaraj(!) - yes shutters did fly open, and spirits rose!

Reflections said...

Lovely write-up. Almost felt like I was there....brrrr:-D
How is the drainage system there???? can it handle the rains.
Here in Dubai the drainage system is totally lousy. 2 hrs of solid rain & the streets will be flooded..its tht bad:-o.
Surprising isnt it but thts the truth

onlooker said...

@ reflections - :) glad you enjoyed the dripping wet account of the rainy day! The drainage system, well to me it seemed admirable esp around our areas. But there are still pools left in few open parking areas!
And now its lovely weather here, almost like a hill station in India!!

Rokusan6 said...

Wow! What a great thing, the rain. I loved the stories and the photographs. Oh, there's something magical about unexpected rain after a long dry spell ~ it was wonderful to read and see!

Maddy said...

It was raining here this morning! I guess you send those rain after feeling ENOUGH

NicoleB said...

Happy Divali (even though belated)

It always tickled me pink when I saw everyone wrapped up in thick winter clothes while I was there last year.
Canadians still running around in Shorts, grin :)

I now start to understand why though. My blood seems to have thinned out and I'm freezing quite a bit here in Europe :)

Beautiful shots of the rain!
Captures the mood perfect.
I remember from last year that in some parts were down pours and we (in Mangaf) didn't get any. We could just watch the clouds and the storm with lightning go by on the ocean :)

Have a great time, Nicole
(came from Expat blogs)

Reflections said...

Just came to tell u that the weather in Dubai was lousy, wet, rainy, gloomy & depressing 2 weeks back. It was cleared with only the cold remaining:-D.

How come not even 1 teeny weeny post whole of Nov????? Its almost middle of december now:-o.

Waiting for one:-))!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Onlooker,

You have some great photos and a very interesting blog. I absolutely loved the rain in Kuwait pictures...Really did tell a thousand stories.

onlooker said...

@ reflections : is it? still? here the weather is br..r.rrr! :)

am i glad to be missed! ;) yeah i know have not being doing justice to my blog. have stayed away for too long. have taken up a job, and seems to be running short of time. know its no excuse. shall try to post something, atleast when i realise that do people do check in. thanks again for dropping by! :)

@ librarycorner : glad to have you here and glad u liked the blog. hope your meetings are coming along fine. havent been reading, myself, for quite some time now.

onlooker said...

@ rokusan : welcome to my blog page. glad you enjoyed the write up!

@ maddy : yeah i sure did send some that way!!

@ nicole b : thank you for the wishes (my belated thanks!). here too many didnt get to see the torrential pour. we were the fortunate few!

onlooker said...
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