Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hail February!

Yes its been a lovely February, weather wise. You couldn’t ask for more. The showers, the breeze, the tentative sun, playing with the clouds, an absolutely lovely scene beyond those windows. The trees and plants lapping it all up, sometimes see them dancing away gaily; the chirping birds, the hopping sparrows, the circling seagulls….there’s a nice nip in the air, and hope March doesn’t turn too hot all in a rush.

The upcoming weekend being a long one, can almost sense the crowd thronging towards the beaches and parks and the open spaces. With the Liberation Day and Kuwait National Day, coming up, the decorations starting to make its presence felt, we are in for some gay celebrations and some wonderful moments wallowing in the prevailing absolutely enviable climate, here in Kuwait! Yeah!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Come Again...

Skies ain’t blue, Showers are few
But lovely it is, Seems like bliss!
Winds blowing, Leaves dancing
Soil drenching, Spring cleaning!

For distant lands, across the sands;
They seem to move, to scripted maps.
As I watch, the clouds floating,
I sit here pensively, contemplating.

Leave behind a little moisture,
In this enormous, Arabian air.
Arid and dry it’s bound to turn
And rays irked, are sure to burn.

As the winter draws to a close
Winds kicking a clamour, as it blows.
The gentle and the torrid breeze,
Bidding adieu, to the mournful trees.