Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Gorgeous Goa

It was a wonderful memorable trip, though it included constant packing and unpacking, living outside suitcases. Felt good stowing away all those huge cases, which will have some respite, after their hectic run, this season!

Shall touch upon Goa, where I got to spend time leisurely, without any agenda. It has never been a tourist visit, it’s always more of a family trip, and we get to stay at home, with our extended family. So the bonus being, you get to view the place in all its shades and manifestations. And the longer you stay in the place the general air, the character of the place seems to linger and sort of pervade your senses. And so it is, addictive, to millions of tourists thronging this place from, across the globe.

It was monsoon, and so one can imagine how lovely it would have been. I, after my stint in an arid desert zone, my mind went berserk. The flora, the greenery, the swaying palms, the ferns, the fresh dew laden grass, the squelchy mud, and ofcourse the thundering showers! Walking through swirling waters hoping there isn’t a manhole, along the way, giving way to blaring cars with swishing wipers, and two-wheelers trying to juggle their way off potholes, all the while, trying to huddle inside an umbrella, which does more to hinder your view than protect (the already wet) you. Was all in good fun!

Loved those brightly (read orange, red, ochre, dark blue) painted stately houses, that stand tall and proud on terraced slopes. And lovelier gardens so well maintained, looking all pretty and bright. One doesn’t need green fingers out here I think, the foliage seems to have a vibrant life of its own, and seems to pulsate with vitality. And it is so heartening to observe that, Goa has managed to stay and retain much of its large expanses of natural terrain, in the midst of which you happen to see buildings sprouting up, or roads swerving down, almost merging with the landscape.

The seas being too rough and wild in monsoon, the beaches ofcourse were out of bound. But did get to watch, this beautiful myriad of colours, shifting and mesmerising us with a backdrop, which was breathtakingly stunning. It was a great way to end our trip, filled with a sense of subdued calm and tranquillity inter-mingled with joy.


Suma said...

the pictures are beautiful...i've been to goa ages back..would love to go back and see how much it has changed...

walking in te rain is fun :D

and aalochane means thought...in kannada

Thangaraj said...

You have brought out the subdued grandeur of the Konkon coast and for those who are privileged to be acquainted with Goa, even slightly, this would waft back memories of strong impressions, rousing up nostalgia and pride too, in ones motherland . . . and aalochane means Thought in Tamil too

onlooker said...
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onlooker said...

@ suma

thanks for stopping by. so its thought...lovely thoughts more like it! :)

onlooker said...

thankyou for the comments - indepth! :)
in Tamil it would be 'aalosanai' i would think, and meaning would be suggestion or idea, no?

Reflections said...

Goa....brings back so many memeories of my teenage yrs. My friends family had this Time-share scheme with Sterling Resorts & we used to go there almost every year.
Good post!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s the pics are beautiful. did u take them?

onlooker said...

Glad to have revived your fond memories! :>)

The pics, yes most of them taken by me, and the last one by my husband! Thankyou for the effusive comments! Made my day :>)