Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Lovely Hills

A long hiatus it seems! Somehow lost touch, and its tough getting back, into the groove, i guess. Should make some more effort to slip off the groove!! Loads of excuses - exams, vacation, travel, health and lots more, all rush to my fore, to defend me! But know am guilty of ignoring this 'blogging' activity or maybe the ink had just dried up! Well, felt glad am being missed or rather my writing is being missed by a loyal few! Thanks so much for keeping up the faith in me and my sporadic ramblings...!

Well, amidst a hectic trip down South India, managed to sneak in a small overnight stay at Yercaud. A lovely place tucked away in the Shevaroy Hills, standing aloof and distant, yet cozy and comfy. The evening was just perfect for the boat ride and the dusk-view of the lofty hills, and the towering trees bordering the expanse of water was breathtaking.

The evening spiced up with roasted corn cobs and tangy raw mangoes and a general foray into the local 'petti kadais'(knick knack corner shops). Reached the 'Pakoda Point' almost around sunset, but just in time to get some awesome aerial views and a taste of local 'fares' to snack on.

The cottages where we stayed were set amidst a huge coffee plantation, and the only thing missing was a strong aroma of the coffee beans wafting by. The 'green' beans were huge and ripe but yielded no clue as to how it transforms to a magical brown bean that churns out the headiest concoction on the face of earth. The cottages had this lovely ivy sort creepers winding their way up, and maybe someday like in an old Fairy Tale, the flora around would take over, and a prince would need to cut through the unwieldy foliage!!

The 'Aadi Kaathu' in Trichy is so inviograting, feel sorry for the few who had to stay back in Kuwait, there seems to be a no-respite-in-sight 6 day dust storm raging! Heard the monsoon has started in all earnest in the Coastal West, taking its lapse a bit too seriously! Hope it does abate a bit by the time we land there. Eagerly looking forward to some heavenly scenes and the feel of squelchy mud and the divine earthy smell, mingled with the fresh scent of the damp wood. But for now, the place seems just right with a touch of breeze and a dash of sunshine. Am not complaining!