Thursday, October 13, 2011

Magic Wand

If only I had a wee little magic wand...
I would swish and sway it around
With infinite style and great aplomb
If only I had a magic wand.

Aba..r.a.c.a..d.a..., and ofcourse it would
Dust the shelves and clean the room
The kitchen sink, the carpet and the loo,
As I drift into a corner, curled with my book.

Meals on the table, Mr. Wand,  if you please,
Finish the washing and a break after, is fine.
Piping hot flavoured tea and chips before nine
For I  need to wind up this so called poetic piece.

P.S. Sorry to trouble my (if any) readers with this pathetic attempt. Have willed to put in something every Thursday, so thought mebe poetry is easier than 'prose'! :)


Vaish said...

Nice poem on Magic wand..
Ah..if only I had a magic wand..I would have changed so many things upside down!

Anonymous said...

that seems to be the dream of every housewife...magic wand!!!you need not be sorry at all ,for that was a good one to read...

vaidegi j said...

@ Vaish

kaash! wishing you luck in finding your wand..

@ sudheer

:) thanks, need these words to keep me penning something, even if it be nonsense!

Reflections said...

If u find one, let me know too...I'm not even soo ambitious, if it will just take over all my cleaning I'll even cook for it;-(

p.s: No trouble, infact this is gr8 news...way to go girl;-D

vaidegi j said...

@ reflections

:) thanks Nancy! as the next thursday draws near get the jitters, actually! you carry on with perfect ease most of the times! :)

drift wood said...


What's that disclaimer all abt, girl? Good that you've set yourself a Thursday deadline.
The poem is one which will resonate with all women, esp. the ones struggling without domestic help. Need i say more ;)

KParthasarathi said...

Why should fear the approach of a Thursday?That was a good poem indeed

vaidegi j said...

@ dw


@ kp

thankyou sir! its just that have to come up with something worthwhile, good enough to post, and not dish out mediocre stuff, just for the sake of it!