Sunday, October 3, 2010

India Day 2010

India Day is celebrated annualy,here in Kuwait, and it usually has a troupe to perform, flown in from India, which is the highlight of the day. This time around, it was on Friday, Oct 1st, and the performers were Bhoomi Trivedi and Sreeram Chandra, the popular Indian Idol winners. So after much thought, we did make it to the celebrations, at Doha Entertainment City, which was teeming with a highly excited and pumped up, (predominantly) Indian crowd.

The whole place was lit up and agog with music and dance, and ofcourse people queuing up near their favourite rides. We had a leisurely ride on the Safari Boat and the Railway Line, Train Ride. It was really amusing to see such a mad rush for the 'train', and was reminded of the countless platforms in India, and its stark contrast to the mock one here. Children were commenting that it made the right chugging and clanking noise as expected of trains! The other topsy-turvy, screaming-screeching rides were attempted by few, but we opted to be the happy-being-watchers. It was a very sultry humid night, and the electric fans around the park, with fine mist being sprayed, offered a brief, but much needed respite, from the almost sweltering heat.

And the singers must have really felt the heat too, amidst the bright lights and beams being flashed on stage. They put up a great entertaining show, giving their all, interacting with the crowd all the while. It was a short programme, but nevetheless gave the people what they wanted, as we could see the youngsters near the stage swaying and moving to the beats, thoroughly drenched in the downpour of music. Even as the programme came to a close, the crowd seemed to be reluctant to leave the premises, and was seen moving around trying to hold on to the mood, for a little longer, even before they set out on their long drive back home on the long winding, 'deserted' 7th ring road. It was a strange and wonderful feeling to be amongst our country fellowmen, surrounded by our music, in a land far away from our homeland.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Monday, September 27, 2010

Souk Sharq - boat ride.

The summer has been relentlessly breathing down our necks, with just a hint of drop in temperature since yesterday. Humidity has set in, and maybe this heralds a brief break before the harsh winter decides to settle in. So looking forward to some pleasant days this October, with some breeze and the sunrays being a bit gentle.

Last weekend inspite of the heat, decided to step out and spend the evening along the lovely Souk Sharq; and our outing did turn out to be fun and we were glad we made it. There is this nice little Cafe tucked behind, almost hidden, close to the parking. It had a lovely ambience, with the added pleasure of being seated beside the crashing waves, and the wonderful view of the outstretched sea, the sun slowly but surely dipping in. The French Coffee was almost perfect, and served to perfection too, with the piping hot concoction being poured in small dainty cups, from a pot. Tea, ofcourse the local speciality, black, was just right, that managed to down two huge cups. There was Lemon Mint Iced, Rainbow special a colourful display with bits of fruits and icecreams thrown in. And it was a great way to spend the evening catching up with friends while leisurely sipping your own thing.

And then we decided to take the short boat ride, for which we had to wait for a while, and so walked along the pier, where these boats and yachts were docked. And by the time we boarded the boat, it had turned dark, but that didn't seem to dampen our spirits or the experience, as I had thought it might. Being in the sea, if not as exciting as being in air, is nonetheless an exciting and beautiful experience. Our cameras didn't do justice to the beautiful scenes, but still managed to capture a bit of it. It was strange going on a ride with the local crowd, with some typical Arabic music in the background, and the boat dancing merrily to it in the dark sea. Would definitely go for another ride during the day, maybe, and if possible a longer one.

And a total contrast to the above with-the-nature trip, the visit to the new Lulu Hyper Market, in Qurain was all zazzy, and synthetic, the lure of consumerism at its best. Was amazed at the definition of Consumerism in Wikipedia, "systematic creation and fostering of a desire to purchase goods or services in ever greater amounts"! Ofcourse we all happily fall prey, and no one is complaining, atleast not here!

Anyways, this beautiful evening sun, caught while with a friend along the walking path nearby, reminds one of the beauty that is all encompassing and omnipresent, and that, it is within us, to look out for it.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Eid Mubarak!

The past one month of fasting ,rituals and intense prayers will culiminate tomorrow, as the holy month of Ramzan comes to a joyous end. Everyday schedule and meal patterns will come back to its normal routine, and schools too will start their sessions in a week or so.

So as of now, the roads and shopping complexes are still relatively deserted, and look a bit desolate too! The place will come alive, thronging with children and families in a weeks time, and the clogs of the machine will start their chugging, in full swing . So until then, looking forward to enjoying the long weekend coming up. Hoping to visit some places, relaxing with friends, with a dash of movies and music, days ahead, doesn't seem too bad ! :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer 2010

It's as good as an extinct blog now, this blog of mine! Sad indeed, it had to happen this way, but still glad there's a place I can come back, log in to anytime, and share my thoughts and experiences, or maybe just put them down!

So the annual trip went on fabulously, and days seemed to have just whizzed past. Feel quite blessed that we were able to do the countless things, we got to do. Ofcourse being with family and friends being the best part, and the endless drives and short trips and long ones too; catching up with the gol gappas,kachoris and paniyarams and vada paavs!! The amazing part was that we were able to enjoy and savour, the best of all the places we visited, as a visitor. But strangely enough was left with this rankling feeling of, trying to grapple for our roots and maybe branches too, while we seem to drift along with the currents, to an unknown destination!!

Well, back to more prosaic sections of our trip, ofcourse touched and lined with unfathomable beauty and pleasure; Our stay in Trichy, my hometown was hectic to say the least, so didnt actually get to have the usual quota of leisurely days which seem to stretch endlessly...but still was lovely to be home, coddled and cosseted, basking in an onslaught of memories of yesteryears. We made a short trip to Delhi, more for the kids' sake, to get the taste of Indian history and grandeur, which seems to be under hiding many a times. It was a wonderful experience, with its own highs and lows. Glad we made it. The next trip was to Kodai, a dear old place, and the stay amidst the misty-clouds-clad hills and amazingly vibrant flora, with family was a gratifying experience.

Pune, such an interesting mix of the old and the new. A place where tradition and history seem to hover around, as you catch glimpses of it amidst the glitz and glamour. It is heartening to observe traces of the old city, with her gentle but strong influence still running deep. Caught up with friends dear, and some shopping; walk down Lakshmi Road was a walk down memory lane.

Goa, a wet, wet one, robed in green was a magnificent sight, one I would gladly trade in for, seated here in an arid barren desert!! Monsoon drenches the coastal land and she drapes herself in foliage that seems to burst forth from literally, every nook and corner, almost like an invasion of green. Dona Paula was the only place we got closest to the beach, and it was all calm and serene surprisingly. Was able to make frequent trips to Panjim, and visit all the quaint little shops and get a whiff of the real ethnic flavour of the place, and also peep into the lives of this sleepy little, laidback, endearing place spelled Goa!

A visit to all these places, leaves one not just satiated but also yearning for more! As R.Frost rightly said, "The woods are lovely, dark and deep..."!