Monday, August 30, 2010

Summer 2010

It's as good as an extinct blog now, this blog of mine! Sad indeed, it had to happen this way, but still glad there's a place I can come back, log in to anytime, and share my thoughts and experiences, or maybe just put them down!

So the annual trip went on fabulously, and days seemed to have just whizzed past. Feel quite blessed that we were able to do the countless things, we got to do. Ofcourse being with family and friends being the best part, and the endless drives and short trips and long ones too; catching up with the gol gappas,kachoris and paniyarams and vada paavs!! The amazing part was that we were able to enjoy and savour, the best of all the places we visited, as a visitor. But strangely enough was left with this rankling feeling of, trying to grapple for our roots and maybe branches too, while we seem to drift along with the currents, to an unknown destination!!

Well, back to more prosaic sections of our trip, ofcourse touched and lined with unfathomable beauty and pleasure; Our stay in Trichy, my hometown was hectic to say the least, so didnt actually get to have the usual quota of leisurely days which seem to stretch endlessly...but still was lovely to be home, coddled and cosseted, basking in an onslaught of memories of yesteryears. We made a short trip to Delhi, more for the kids' sake, to get the taste of Indian history and grandeur, which seems to be under hiding many a times. It was a wonderful experience, with its own highs and lows. Glad we made it. The next trip was to Kodai, a dear old place, and the stay amidst the misty-clouds-clad hills and amazingly vibrant flora, with family was a gratifying experience.

Pune, such an interesting mix of the old and the new. A place where tradition and history seem to hover around, as you catch glimpses of it amidst the glitz and glamour. It is heartening to observe traces of the old city, with her gentle but strong influence still running deep. Caught up with friends dear, and some shopping; walk down Lakshmi Road was a walk down memory lane.

Goa, a wet, wet one, robed in green was a magnificent sight, one I would gladly trade in for, seated here in an arid barren desert!! Monsoon drenches the coastal land and she drapes herself in foliage that seems to burst forth from literally, every nook and corner, almost like an invasion of green. Dona Paula was the only place we got closest to the beach, and it was all calm and serene surprisingly. Was able to make frequent trips to Panjim, and visit all the quaint little shops and get a whiff of the real ethnic flavour of the place, and also peep into the lives of this sleepy little, laidback, endearing place spelled Goa!

A visit to all these places, leaves one not just satiated but also yearning for more! As R.Frost rightly said, "The woods are lovely, dark and deep..."!


drift wood said...

If a trip is all it takes to get u to take up blogging again, just get some good ol' weed, man!

Glad u enjoyed goa; mumbai has been hammered by rains so much this year, that we are despairing for some much-needed dry spell. :(

the books in ur list - most of 'em my favs. enjoy reading :)

onlooker said...

@ driftwood

:) can't go for that, but meaning to blog more..
yes, rains are fine for prose n poetry, but living with the smelling clothesline, muddy drawing rooms n mossy,mucky, squelchy lanes to deal with..can take its toll! but still, sigh...!:)

Maddy said...

Thanks for the visit to my almost extint blog. The temple tower is Suchindram Thanumalayan Temple near Kanyakumari on the way to Trivandrum.

Good to know you had fantastic trip and vacation

onlooker said...

@ maddy

thanks for the info. and yes i did have a great trip.

PARIMITA said...

nice blog....keep up the good work