Thursday, November 24, 2011

Why this..?!

Not being sure as what was to be, the subject of the post, gladly fell back on the good old comfort commodity, music. Just a mention of few songs which I get to hear and enjoy.

The recent kolaveri wave should set the tempo I guess. So for those of you (the very few) who haven’t got to watch this sensational hit, sweeping all over like a huge tsunami, in a matter of days, after hitting the you tube, here goes.

Defies all logic as to how it has managed to cut across such a wide audience. They seem to be lapping it up, but why?!  The lovelorn, drawling soulful tone of a simpleton, which evokes sympathy or a touches a string somewhere inside, or is it just plain bad English (if you can call it that), that amuses and appeals to all. Whatever the reason, Anirudh’s world is never going to be the same again, the unbelievably boyish 21yr old music director!

Adele has been around for a while now, and her songs remind me of those of Tracy Chapman and Sinead O'Connor (nothing compares to you), years back, maybe early 90s. Where its a very direct communication between the singer and the one who listens, with minimum intervention by way of music or irrelevant sounds. Come to think of it maybe Dhanush’s song also does that! Like this one from Adele.

With dish connection been taken off for some months now, the biggest loss has been that I don’t get to hear my regular dose of hindi songs. Miss that. Got to hear the Afreen song and found it not bad. Yet to hear it more. Seems Salim Merchant is very much in the fray these days. The Iktara song has been keeping me company for a long while besides the ZNMD ones. Actually wouldn't mind having some suggestions, regarding the latest hummable Hindi songs! 


Dee said...

Oh I've been listening to kolaveri too...and i thing if this was actually extempore then dhanush has qmaeed me bh reachibg out to so many with his Tanglish lyrics..anf he can hold a tne too!

Oh i also thought adele reminded me of tracy chapman...hv u heard i set fire too the rain...pls do

And i love iktara too!

Dee said...

Loads of typos.....still learning to type on a phone...sorry

KParthasarathi said...

You seem to like all genres of music and conversant with them too.I am mostly into Carnatic.

Anonymous said...

why dont you listen to the song aahatein ho rahi hai by agnee band.wonderful song...

Anonymous said...

and i also like soft rock ,listen to the song 'nothing else matters ' by metallica band .soft melodic music ..wonderfully composed....

Anonymous said...

but the latest love is of course 'why this kolaveri di"the song is a big hit even in our college here in assam.

vaidegi j said...

@ Dee

no probs. was interesting trying to figure out what you were trying to say!! ;) so maybe u can do it oft, to make comments more fun! yes have listened to the other good ones of Adele, but this somehow is special!

@ kp

Yes do enjoy a mixture of things, but not very well conversant. pick up few which appeals to me. Not like your indepth knowledge or appreciation for Carnatic music, i would think.

@ sudheer

thanks a lot for the suggestions! listened to them and liked it. I wouldve never gone into metallica on my own, but was surprised to find it soothing too!:)
and amazing how the k-di song has found its way into every music lover's heart, cutting across distances and differences, in its own strange way!

drift wood said...

You know I'm still one of those who somehow hasn't managed the K-song :( Bless you for the link.

Actually, i haven't heard a soulful hindi song in ages. Have you heard 'Dooriyan' from Love Aaaj Kal? I quite like it. Maybe you'd also like to try 'Tere Liye' from Saat Khoon Maaf.

vaidegi j said...

@ dw

:) glad to be of help!

dooriyan is lovely. as ud said loved sections of the movie. DP messed it up esp the sensitive scenes, i thought. Tere liye, feels good, have to get into it! :)