Thursday, November 10, 2011

Winter is here...

The Eid Holidays here isn't over yet. It’s a long nine-day vacation sorts, and the holiday mood still prevails. But it tends to turn routine all topsy-turvy that getting back to the grind or the rut takes a while, and the process being a bit painful too. The longer the break, greater is the pain, as simple as that.

The climate has undergone a radical change. I would think winter is officially here, and no complaints as of now. It’s lovely during the day, and pretty chill during the breezy evenings and nights. Just right for mid-day picnics, followed up by evening walks with a light sweater or shawl thrown around. We did get to do it a couple of times, and the experience was totally refreshing and energising, as it always is, when you step out to embrace nature and her bounties.

The Marina Beach was a crowded affair, with hordes of picnickers, and we had to weave our way through. But it was enjoyable nevertheless, watching people of all ages and sizes and races, languishing in the spirit of the season.  The slight nip in the air towards the evening made us scurry for warmth, away from the chill breeze making its way from the seas. The tea, which was a mistake in the first place, (got swayed by memories of apna masala chai on wintry evenings) didn't do much by way of being a warm milky yucky concoction. The hot frothy cappucinno would've definitely been a better bet.

Anyways, headed towards Salmiya to make amends, and the Pani puri and Sev puri didn't let us down and the hot jalebi, was a not bad last minute addition. An impromptu visit to a friend’s place was a pleasant surprise, as they had puja (Ekadashi), and being a part of it,  somehow was gratifying. Well, it was good to be amidst friends, even if it be for a short while, and once in a while.

The trip to Scientific Centre along the Persian Gulf coast was a totally different experience. Less crowd, and more spaced out. Was peaceful and serene, even as we sat talking,  the waves lashing against the moistened glistening rocks and pebbles.

Was mesmerising to watch the twilight descend in all its splendour, transforming the skyline with a surreal crimson and purple haze.

A long lazy stroll in the walkway, with the sea breeze for company, the rendezvous with close friends was a blessing, a memory to treasure and reminisce later in life!

Closing with a song that has been added to my playlist and played frequently!


KParthasarathi said...

Wow one cannot have a better and more enchanting and enviable outing that you have had.With your fluent writing you made each detail look so pleasing.

drift wood said...

Dunno why, the raaga link doesn't display properly! Can you post the youtube link, pls?

sivasundari bose said...

almost felt like we were there with you

vaidegi j said...

@ kp

thanks a lot for the encouraging words! :)

@ dw

i assume you got my link, right?

@ sb


drift wood said...

Thanks for the youtube link. It is a lovely song. :)

Mathai said...

Looks like you had a nice evening :)

sangeeta said...

A pleasant read !!!
Last year i was in Chennai during this season and enjoyed being there. I liked Marina beach in the mornings more.