Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Evenings have become frustratingly shorter, and trying to rush out to enjoy this pleasant stage of winter, is becoming increasingly difficult. There has been a month long celebrations going on, to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Japan-Kuwait Diplomatic Relations. And this weekend they had a string of activities, and one of them was an evening of Cultural Entertainment at Souq Sharq.

We went a bit early, and the initial arrangements were in progress, stalls and hoardings being put up and the likes. Came back after a while, just in time for their Song Recital, which included a list of Japanese songs. It had a nice gentle, tinkling beat to it, lilting and soft and filled with emotions all the while, which we could somehow feel and appreciate too. Had noted down the name of one particular song, and googled, back home. And now hooked to the song. It is Sukiyaki by Kyu Sakomoto and its lovely.

Had to leave with a heavy heart, as we couldn't do justice to the alluring dumplings which were up for sale. Many were dressed in their traditional attire, as there was to be a Parade later in the evening. It was amazing to see them sport the wooden footwear with complete ease.  It was an interesting day out, where we stepped into the Land of the Rising Sun, for a brief while, and realised that people seem different but are basically the same, bound by similar pleasures and travails of life, across the globe.

Following a sudden urge, went on to watch Mayakkam Enna ( 'why in a trance', or so I think!). As the reviews trickled in, of it being a good watch, couldn't resist the lure, especially the name! Well, the first half was pretty good. The second half was a mishmash of melodrama, morals, punch dialogue all thrown in for good measure. But still, my verdict would be, not bad. Though from the comments emanating from the co-watchers in the sparsely filled cinema hall, could gauge that it didn't go all that well with many. 

The high point of the movie would be, good acting. The heroine is a treat to watch. Richa Gangopadhyay, has traces of Meena and Revathi, both Tamil yesteryear actresses; a fine actress she could turn out to be, if she wants to be one, I think. Going form her recent history, hasn't done any serious movies, and I wonder why. Dhanush is his usual assured self, as an actor. A subdued potrayal of a 'genius', who goes through the trauma of being unrecognized and later on being a victim of plagiarism (not sure if it can be called that). 

Yes, many scenes especially the love triangle scenarios were contrived and wanting in finesse. Dialogues cliched and stereotyped in places, and had a suspicion that there seemed to be mild traces of 'A beautiful Mind' all over. But, kudos to the director and his crew, for coming up with a movie which is sensitive (in most parts), poetic and deep, without giving into the predictable-assured success-masala formula, again.


vaidegi j said...

KParthasarathi has left a new comment on your post "Mixed Bag ":

You have dealt with in this post three different subjects but the common thread is your impeccable and pmpressive writing keeping the interest of the reader alive throughout.I liked the review of mayakkam enna.

Dee said...

Hey such nice cultural events are held there! And do they show Indian movies in Cinemas locally? Wow!

nenapina sanchy inda said...

thanks for visiting my blog!!
malathi S

lilfern said...

Thanks vaidegi for leaving your comment on my blog - much appreciated! Cheers, Nidhi.( Yum food descriptions too :))

vaidegi j said...

@ KP

Thank you for the kind words. :)

@ Dee

It was a rare occassion, and glad we got to make it. yes it would be wonderful if we have such events more often. And yes, they do screen Indian movies, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam. Great, right?! ;)

vaidegi j said...

@ nsi

my pleasure! :)

@ lilfern

love that name! :) keep writing and keep visiting!