Thursday, October 27, 2011

The day after

The past one week,  got myself into close encounters, of the oily kind! There has been an assault on the senses, mind, soul and the waistline.  Took upon myself to create these beauties, with love and pride poured in ample measures, (in equal proportion to the oil/ghee), eyes sparkling, dil dhadaking, with images of a perfect platter of goodies. Well, life is not perfect. Nor was my platter!

Well, lessons learnt are aplenty. Perseverance, not giving up even when thought creeps in, of  impending plight of poor unsuspecting visitors; and not giving up because you finish what you started out to do, no matter what, for festivals are all about prevailing over tides.

The curly twirly murukkus,  The enticing  laddoos, the fiery red jalebis, the colourful tangy mixture, the sedate kaju kathlis, the irresistible ghujiyas, the sober dahi vadas, and the ubiquitous gulabjamuns, on display, to satiate year long yearnings, to relish and remember yesteryears, with a resounding promise of goodies yet to come, even if not perfect.


KParthasarathi said...

Your humourous description of your foray into the making of special delicacies for the festive occasion makes for an enjoyable reading.If we go by the pictures of the various items displayed ,I am sure they must have come out perfect.

Anonymous said...

They look great. In fact, I too wanted to make Murkkus. But I injured my finger that day. I will try my luck with them soon though. :) Nicely written . :)

vaidegi j said...

@ kp

Thankyou so much! It was just an attempt to cover up few disasters! :)

@ Jp

Hard luck! Mine turned out fine, and was pretty pleased with myself! :) And sure yours will turn out fabulous too!

drift wood said...

It's thurs, where's today's post? :)

vaidegi j said...

@ dw

not fair!! tit for tat? anyways here u go! :)

Reflections said...

Ur kidding me....they look absolutely delicious;-o. Ur boys must have wiped the plates clean;-D.

Mathai said...

Wow you made all that? Those murukkus look fantastic and are perfect spirals.