Thursday, January 5, 2012

Down memory lane...

Wishing all a Splendid New Year Ahead!!

Mine started fabulously with music, that revoked fond memories, as we were led down memory lane, by the inimitable SPBalasubramanian himself. It was an unique and an almost inexplicable experience, and was truly glad that I was able to be a part of it. 

It was a New Year bonanza for the audience, as he mesmerised them with the still magical, golden soulful voice of his. It was just as he sang...Andhi mazhlai pozhigirathu (Its raining, the evening showers), as the crowd was drenched in Golden Oldies as Engeyum Yepothum, Kaathalin Deepam onru, Mannil intha kaadhal inri, Ilaya nila...and many more lovely songs, even as we seemed to almost relive the songs and the scenes that have been entrenched for years, and held dear, in our personal 'hard disk'.

SPB as he is fondly known as, was his casual self, and there was never a dull moment, the entertainer he is, enamoured the crowd with his impromptu jibes and his near caustic witty observations. It was a treat to watch him perform on stage.

The orchestra (Saadhaga Paravaigal) was amazing too, especially the Flutist and the Drummer, and the Key Board player too. They did a flawless job, and served as a fitting accompaniment to the masetro. The new comer Sathya Prakash was  a refreshing surprise, an youngster meting out classical songs as 'Oru Naal Pothuma' and 'Paatum Naane' with ease, much to the delight of the crowd. All in all it was a lovely night, and would not have asked for a better start this year!

As the reviews for 'Mouna Guru' kept trickling in, thought will give it a shot, and did. It is a movie which has make the audience sit up and take notice of films, once again, films which do not rely on heavy cast or expensive locations, but focus, as in actually focus, on story, acting and coherence. Period. And it works. There were many loopholes, but all said, comes across as a very brave and valiant attempt. Personally the movie was a bit disturbing,-  the bordering-on-excessive use of violence and the potrayal of the fiendish, diabolic streak in men, was disheartening, even if it be the truth.

But then you can always have your dose of Pirates of Carribean, or episodes of Planet Earth to fall back on!!


Reflections said...

Ohhhhh that sounds so heavenly and seriously what a lovely start to the new year. If I hadnt promised to follow 'the secret' I'd be totally J right now;-D.

Wishing U a wonderful year ahead!!!!!

KParthasarathi said...

Nice to hear you started the new year on the right note.May 2012 bring you all happiness

Dee said...

Lucky lucky Vaidegi!!!!! I love you heard him live!!! The songs you mentioned are such classics! Happy start to an happier new year!!!

Vaish said...

Ooh...that's an amazing way to start a new year! I have always dreamt of being on SPB or Ilayaraja concert, but never had a real chance! Lucky you!It must be sheer bliss!
I haven't seen mouna guru yet, have to wait for them to be on the internet :(

Wishing you a great new year ahead!

Purba said...

What a way to begin your year! I ended mine with Sherlock Holmes :)

vaidegi j said...

@ Reflections

:) Thankyou for the wishes!

And I assume you are following 'The Secret' to the T and hence just a wee bit J!! ;) It was close to heaven!!

@ KP

Thankyou Sir for the wishes, and Wish you the same!

vaidegi j said...

@ Dee

Yeah I guess I was lucky!! :) Yes, he sang almost all of his best ones, and sang it the way we have always heard it, a thousand times or more! That was the most amazing part, the quality of his voice preserved so well.

@ Vaish

:) guess so! It was as good as a terrific dream, come true!, saw it online here! ;)

vaidegi j said...

@ purba

Yes hope the mood continues!! SH book, movie, play?! :)