Saturday, February 7, 2009

Come Again...

Skies ain’t blue, Showers are few
But lovely it is, Seems like bliss!
Winds blowing, Leaves dancing
Soil drenching, Spring cleaning!

For distant lands, across the sands;
They seem to move, to scripted maps.
As I watch, the clouds floating,
I sit here pensively, contemplating.

Leave behind a little moisture,
In this enormous, Arabian air.
Arid and dry it’s bound to turn
And rays irked, are sure to burn.

As the winter draws to a close
Winds kicking a clamour, as it blows.
The gentle and the torrid breeze,
Bidding adieu, to the mournful trees.


Anonymous said...

It's got energy! You can feel the wind!

Thangaraj said...

Crisp and clean like a sudden burst of showers. vaguely reminiscent of Emily Dickinsen

onlooker said...

@intlxpatr - thanks for the comments, and yes have to pack in more....

@ thangaraj - Emily Dickinsen indeed!!! (rolling eyes) anyhow thanks for the 'kind' words! :)

Reflections said...

Aaaaaahhhh Nice!!!!!!!!!!

I can understand, we see rain so less tht the sheer joy of seeing it brings out the poet in the self:-).

And u r tagged:-D!!!!!

onlooker said...

@ reflections - oh thankyou so much! yes is it great climate there too??

Reflections said...

ohhh its beginning to warm up now:-(