Saturday, February 23, 2013

An enchanting journey

A movie at the big screens, Cinescapes, after a longish while. And it was so worth it. The plan to go on the New Year's eve wasn't entirely intentional, but well, was a nice way to wrap up the year, with just family. As always the crowd here, (yes it does make for interesting watch, in any cinema hall, i guess, here it's a notch higher!) never fails to amuse and entertain me. It was an eclectic mix!

The glasses donned, you slip into this ethereal world, where you cease to breathe for a while, lest you startle the characters or the moments unfolding on the scene. It is undeniably a breathtakingly beautiful work of art. I think it did more than justice to the book, it was like a tale that has been sprinkled with dusts of shimmering magic.

I was left wondering as I walked out,  how many would have really loved it, the way I did. I don't think it is a movie for everyone. Not all would have been touched or stirred by this small yet exquisite world, built around leaping tigers and flying fishes. But I truly was. It would definitely appeal more to those who have grown up with pets around, or who rather have this instinctive bonding with the zoological species, while to others it may come across as a lengthy psychedelic documentary sorts. Mebe.

(Started writing the review, what seems to be ages back, and had almost given it up, but then continuing with it, because some things tend to fade away with time, things which you would like to hold on, if possible. And written word just about manages to do that.) And as an afterthought loved the music/background score, (ofcourse, you may say), but surprisingly wasn't too impressed by the 'famed' lullaby; it somehow just didn't strike a genuine chord. Came across as more of a laboured effort, especially the lyrics, didn't  seem to fall or gently caress you as sweetly as it should have! Judges at the Oscars thought otherwise I guess. Paradise by Coldplay was hummable and likeable though.

And so, 2013 did manage to sneak in, and before you know its gonna be March. It's been personally a hectic year, would think one that whizzed by, and looking back, wasn't a bad one! We learn, forget, re-learn a zillion things, through the years, as we allow ourselves to be etched and chiseled, a process that makes each individual, fascinatingly interesting (most of the times!), as they allow themselves to emerge or unfold, every single day, into an entity entirely new, if they are fortunate enough! 

And so my heartfelt wishes, that the journey of self discovery, this year be, as enchanting and as engaging, as Piscine Patel's was, to all of you out there! :)


KParthasarathi said...

A candid review of what you felt when you saw this film of fantasy and adventure.I haven't read the novel or seen the picture.But your review kindles an interest in me to see it.The post is nicely written

vaidegi j said...

@ KP
Thank you sir, for the immediate and appreciative response! Amazed at the rate at which you churn out your stories and each one is a gem, truly!

siva said...

Good as ever. The review, the recapping of the year gone by and the wrapping up.

You have been right about the lullaby song. Oscar has bypassed it though amply rewarded four other branches of the stunning creative art called film making.