Thursday, August 22, 2013

Know what I did this summer? (I)

The much awaited vacation did eventually come, and now it's as good as done and over with. Just a few more days of indulgence, with scoops of lethargy and gluttony thrown in for good measure. Am not complaining. The very thought of back-to-the-grind scene looming large, seems to instil a sense of despair - the eventuality.  But then yes, the grind keeps us going, and definitely look forward to meeting and catching up with dear old friends. Still, nothing like the seamlessly endless days, with no early-morning alarms, crushing deadlines, cramming-in-breakfasts and the forever persisting thoughts of 'isn't the day over yet?!' or the equally maddening 'The day is done?!' So savouring each hour of the tail end of this summer.

The best part of the July-August period is the pleasant weather, be it in South or the West. Trichy I would think is at its best, with the 'Aadi Kaatru' (the winds accompanying the month of Aadi) gently whirling around, rustling up the leaves and swaying the branches. It never did get too rough, which usually heralds the downpour. And so there was no drizzling or showering or pouring. It was not to be. But had a wonderful climb up the famed  'Malai kottail', the Rockfort, with family. The skyline seems to change each time around, save the serpentine Kaveri, which sadly looked desolate and barren, as if stripped off its right and might. Yes, just not fair, holding back a colossal, throbbing, gushing life-source, curbing it, impeding its journey, towards its pre-ordained  destination. Well, enough said, at least here. 

The trip to Thiruvanai kovil, with a close college mate, was memorable too. Walking through the crowded precincts of the Sattram Bus stand, hopping in and out of the local buses, and catching up, was an amazing walk down memory lane, and seemed to reiterate the truth that some things never change, and aren't we glad for it.

The wedding in Madurai, was so interesting and exciting! Attending a close family occasion after a long gap, felt good, meeting (almost)all cousins, and checking out the latest in saris and jewellery, of which i was never, ever an authority. And I seemed to have just skipped a decade (thankfully!), in the fashion realm, and realised, even if you've been outside the current, you can sidle in any time, with a few right moves. The trip to Meenakshi Amman Temple was sobering, after the glitz and  glitter. Was filled with a sense of calm and tranquil. A sense of being in the right place, a place where you will always belong, wherever you've been. 

And this was followed up by a quick trip down South, (covering Kovilpatti, Tirunelvelli, Kallidaikurichi and Rajapalayam) which never fails to drench me with memories, and gladdens the heart, to be with aunts and uncles who were an integral part of childhood, even if we are strewn all over now. And then the usual regular trips of shopping, what with the Aadi and Ramzan sale going great guns, you are but drawn into the whirlpool. Loaded with bags of knick knacks and goodies, set forth on the eventual train journey to Pune.
The strange phenomenon that happened to manifest was that, the place where I propose to land in, is always forewarned and the rain gods, relocate. So was it in Pune and Goa.


KParthasarathi said...

That is a fully packed trip with temples and a wedding in between thrown in bringing fond memories of people and towns visited.I could get the feel of joy you had experienced

Shoumitro said...

Rather should be titled "Green Trails", isn't it? Talking of the style, of the subtle humour, of the absence of ego that is a rarity in the blogoshere -- its a grand treat to read your posts.

Almost missed it, you know that? By the way, the raingods, actually, are playing on your side -- don't you think so? ;)

siva said...

It has lightness, depth and perception in equal measure

vaidegi j said...

@ KP
Yes, every time, memories are rekindled and memories are made. That is what makes these trips so very special.

@ shoumitro
:) So much of green everywhere? Didn't realise that. Maybe I overdid it!
Wow! The compliments that kept tumbling out...thanks a lot, and they mean a lot too!
of course they always are(the rain gods)! ;)

Thank you! :)