Thursday, August 22, 2013

Know what I did this summer (II)

Pune, a visit after a gap of two years. Changes, yet, familiarly unchanged. It was gladdening to weave through the once-familiar roads and haunts, and memories flashing by. And the best part was catching up with friends. Precious friends, untouched by distance or time. Realised how true the adage that goes, some leave footprints in our lives, never to be erased.

The usual rounds of shopping, (and yes have to concede that Pune’s fashion sense is awesome!) got tad boring, and so went for a small drive and up the hill, to the Murugan temple. The drive along the Bombay-Pune highway was again suffused with memories, and the fresh, green trees and foliage, which followed us all along was a beautiful sight, to be etched and relived in the desert land.

Goa in the monsoons, well, enough has been said I guess. It was a leisurely holiday at home with family, and a short break at the resort. Love the place, and enjoy the walks and cycle rides immensely. 

Went to this 'Saptaha mela\ at Vasco, and it was fun. The bustling crowd, the quaint little wares spread out, the entire scene was very endearing. And the lunch at a small but popular joint I gathered, was amazing. The ‘fish-thali’ was finger-licking good, and vowed to make this place a regular, next time around, and ofcourse the solkadi was the icing on the top. Loved the spread. Lazily walking back, in the drizzling rain, was a wonderful way to wind up the holiday, gratified.

As an old proverb goes, 'He who returns from a journey is not the same as he who left', and so it seems. Feel filled, enriched and blessed.


KParthasarathi said...

Pune and Goa are the best places though you made the trip during monsoon.You are lucky if you had escaped the fury of it.the pictures are very good.Where is this Murugan temple? the hill and steps are captivating.

Anonymous said...

yes,ma'am ,he who returns from the journey doesn't remain the same man.looks like you enjoyed your always your descriptions are refreshing.

vaidegi j said...

@ KP

Yes they are! The Murugan Temple is in Pune, Dehu Road. And it is wonderful going there and feeling at home. They have done it up so well.

@ sudheer

long time. hope ure doing fine. yes it was a wonderful trip, and thankyou! :)

Anonymous said...

well,yeah I wish i was fine..thank you..

vaidegi j said...

@ sudheer

Things will turn out fine...this too shall pass.