Thursday, December 15, 2011

Time of the year

Distracted by the faint chirp of birds,
And besotted by nature’s symphony.
I willingly give in, to the lure of words
And within my self, I find harmony.

What’s with the seasons, you may ask.
That makes us spread wings at times,
And glide over the stars in the dark.
It’s the magic of the winter climes.

We shiver and swear, but love the air;
Snuggle and cuddle, in bundled up ware.
Socks and woollen gloves we wear
For this awful chill we have to bear.

New year is around the corner, I think;
And warm wishes galore, in the offing.
A small prayer, I would like to send in,
Let the good times and tides, gently roll in.


KParthasarathi said...

May your wishes for good times in the new year come true.
A lilting poem that is pleasant to read.

siva said...

Keep writing. Lines flow easily from your pen

vaidegi j said...

@ KP

thanks for the appreciation and the wishes!

@ siva

Didn't flow all that smoothly though! :)