Saturday, April 4, 2009

Oops! The forecast was wrong!

Yes, I know29032009556 I had vowed not to write anything about ‘weather’, but then we need to go back on our words at times, when it comes to such consistently unpredictable topics! And this is how the country has looked for the past fortnight.

Who said anything about summer??!! And now it’s been pouring, and pouring like there is no tomorrow! We ain’t complaining I guess, the residents of Kuwait. It’s been lovely the mild drizzle, the misty backdrop, the chill winds; it’s like we have been transported somewhere else!

Last week, there were hailstones too! All we got to see were tiny30032009566 pebble sized ones pitter pattering on the tiles below, but in Ahamadi they got to see huge ones i guess, and got to have a look at the amazing sized ones! (thanks to my better-half’s clicking mood which prevailed then)


And yesterday though it was not exactly a day fDSCN0780or picnic, hadDSCN0759 some lovelDSCN0764y moments getting wet and ‘chilled’ out in the rains. And flowers and plants weren’t they gladDSCN0767 to be drenched so. Was elated to be amongst the vibrant colours and almost felt blessed! May the showers gladden the hearts of these dancing flowers for a while more, and ours too!




Anonymous said...

First, I love your header, the way the cloud goes in front of the moon and then drifts off. . . too cool!

I am astonished to see all the gorgeous flowers! My friend said her husband's nasturtiums lost all their heads because of the hail.

Third, speaking of hail - that photo is ONE ball of hail??????

drift wood said...

lucky u guys. over here in mumbai, we are frying at a blasted 41 degrees.
btw, those purple flowers are beautiful.

WannabeWriter said...

Wow! Such lovely flowers! Can you believe we are desert dwellers??? It was the same here as well last week...I'm NOT complaining!

Siva said...

The tail end is getting longer and longer, I see. Hurray for the burst of bright colours looking vibrant enough to belong to some hill station a la Ooty

onlooker said...

@ intlxpatr - :) thanks for the compliments. myself had a proper look at it, the drifting! :)
the smaller pieces seem to have sort of rolled into one big piece, after they fell on the ground. so it didn't fall as such a huge sized ball! :)

@ driftwood - thankyou!
41!!! already?? Tch! Tch! ;-)

@ wannabewriter - yeah they were lovley, and these flowers do a lot in making us forget (atleast for a while) that, we all but inhabit a huge desert !

@ - yes, and we were constantly reminded of ooty and kodai too! :) just imagine!!

Suma said...

that size of hailstone was amazing!

and the flowers are lovely :)

Pavithra said...

Nice clicks...