Monday, May 26, 2008

Flag off

State of Kuwait, as it is called is all of, just around 17000 square kms of land, sort of squashed, between the grand mass of Saudi Arabia in the West and, the lapping waters of the green and history ridden Persian Gulf in the East, and dangerously skidding a tiny portion with the ominous, but undenying presence of Iraq in the North.

Geographically speaking, it is predominantly a desert, and figuratively speaking a flourishing one at that! The small section which is inhabited, has been so transformed, as Aladdin would have, if he had his genie with him; into a world where we all but forget, we are in the middle of an arid scorching desert. Shall elaborate more on this, as my blogroll grows, or so i would hope.

So, basically shall attempt to express in this Blog, a few of my humble impressions and share some notes, about this country, where I happen to be a new tenant. So it will be just a shared journey in my discovery, or a walk with me along my Desert Trails!


Anonymous said...

You asked for comments and suggestions when you visited my blog.

Your blog is visually lovely! I love all the different things one can do and learn - a lot of information in a concise package. I also like that you use short sentences, short paragraphs, and leave some space.

Most bloggers have short attention spans, so short it good.

Sign up at Safat (you can find it with Kuwait Blogs) so that you can be aggregated as a Kuwait blogger. That will increase traffic.

Comment on more recent posts from other bloggers; that will immediately increase activity at your blog.

Good luck, and welcome!

onlooker said...

thanks a ton for all your suggestions and for the time you took out to go through my blogs! did look up the safat site, and it did help. and thanks for the compliments too! it does feel good when you actually start receiving them from people who come in for a look. thanks again. made my day! :)