Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Show Time

Well thought shall post some Entertainment stuff today, to perk up the jazz factor of the blog. So what follows will be some music, movies and ofcourse cricket.

My Two Cents on

Top 3 Tamil Songs as on 29.5.08

Ulaga nayagane (dasavatharam) - starts off great and ofcourse you have the typical reshamiya's beat, that never fails to pull in the listener into his song. But as it moves on it sort of falls into the rut of old tunes. The chorus part is good, and as I had said because of the Himesh bhais trademark beat, itll be on top for a while i guess.

Pudhu pudhu (dhoom dham) - a slight disappointment, the music is ofcourse mindblowing. Benny's voice with minimum music has been used predominantly througout, with few other voices thrown in. Experiments have always been Harris's forte, and so would be a definite hit with the youth. All said Harris Jeyraj's music never lets go off you, long after you ve listened to it.

Palaanadhu (kuruvi) - A typical one for our illaya thalapathi in his latest Kuruvi :). Would suit him like a glove. Has all the ingredients of formulaised hit song, but that its been jazzed up a bit more this time round, with some sprinkling of punjabi!!

Top 3 Hindi Songs

Break free - from Krazzy 4, is a great "u-gotta-go-yo!" song, and it goes along well with the theme of the movie i think. A nice hip hoppy song which puts you in a feel good mood.

Mujh pe tho jadoo from Race. Somehow, comes across as one from an album , and not a typical movie song. Taz's strong vibrating voice, sort of lifts along the song, through out, though has too many distractions along. A nice punjabi beat again here, though personally would suggest the pehli nazar mein, inspite of it being a clean lift from a korean song!

Judaai from Jannat. Yet another imraan hashmi's hit, and not without its load of mooning and crooning! He has this sure hit formula written all over him, so take him on screen and make him sing you have a hit. The song isnt all that bad, just that, it is not all that good too.

The Battle is on

Chennai Super Kings have effortlessly made their way into the semi finals thanks to a gritty display by Raina and Doni where they face an inspired Kings XI Punjab team after their recent thumping of a lacklustre Rajasthan Royals.

Delhi Daredevils and Rajasthan Royals both by way of points accured earlier in the tournament face each other for a place in the final on Friday.

So all set for
1st Semi-Final: Delhi Daredevils v Rajasthan Royals at Mumbai - May 30, 2008
2nd Semi-Final:
Chennai Super Kings v Kings XI Punjab at Mumbai - May 31, 2008

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