Monday, June 2, 2008

Change - inevitable but promising.

A new Government, new Ministry, a fresh crop of Ministers the air filled with hope and a sense of enthusiasm everywhere is always a welcome sign. Wherever you are, whoever you are. So the speeches made and the promises too seem to invoke a sense of optimism and anticipation. But where do we feature in the plans, schedules and framework, if at all is a disturbing question indeed.

So the Academic year is drawing to a close in many schools here, and the holiday mood slowly seeping in, and for a few it already has, who have left for their homes far away. So with the scorching summer on its way, people are only too enthusiastic about making their getaway, as soon as possible. So lots of shopping, planning and travelling in the agenda for many, and great times to look forward to.

Flats and buildings which are cloaked in a gloomy silence, (with exams going on ) will resonate and reverberate with cheers and yells of joy shortly, as the children would flock the places below, to meet, play and have a rollicking time; where they throng from, this mob of kids, were they in hiding all these months, one wonders! So wishing all a Happy Holidays out here, though it’s ironical that way back home, everyone is done with their vacations, and are stepping into their serious routine mode, at this very moment!!

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