Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Nature and its trails

As Kuwait is reeling and sweltering under the onslaught of heat waves, well into our 'famed summer', interspersed with its share of dust storms,- elsewhere it seems to be pouring cats and dogs. Or rather more than that.

Western Europe is going through a terrible time, with the torrential rains playing havoc. Major landslides causing roadways to be blocked, cars and vehicles all caught in the eddy of swirling muddy waters, coursing throught the cities and the countrysides. England, Italy, France and Belgium have not been spared too.

Heavy floods in Germany, and the country is thrown into a shock, I would think. It somehow seems that these natural disasters, have a way of striking the 'lesser mortal-countries', or the not-so-developed countries, and its like 'Oh! its happened again', 'Poor things', 'Wonder how we could help?' and so on. All genuine concerns there alright. But when it actually strikes places, which are know to be clinically efficient and impeccably organised and absolutely well funded, there is a mild surprise sorts. The point is, how the fury of Nature when unleashed, becomes a leveller, against which no one has any answers, until it abates.
And with the talk of nature, reminds me, the thing one gets to miss most in Kuwait is greenery. I dont think that very term would exist, or be applicable here in this section of the world! Actually come to think of it, this thought leads me to feeling absolutely wretched. Well, so what do we do, buy small 6 inch saplings, and try to do some simulation, within the confines of our homes. Yes we do, but still wonder, especially people who come from corners of the world where they live right amidst those tall imposing trees, walk on mossy wet grass everyday, listen to the calls of wild birds, smell the waft of moist air, go for a swim in the backyard brook, what do they do? Don't they miss them?? Sigh! I do.

What hits you first, when you take a trip through your hometowns, is the presence of this colour, green. The presence of green interlaced in the landscape, every corner and nook. Eyes does search, in vain, for these vaulted images, only to finally rest back in the plant that stands alone, in my drawing room, and gain small comfort.


slartybartfarst said...

Thanks for passing by Life in a Duststorm. I am heading home to that unpredictable European weather shortly. Don't miss it though. I love the heat as it is now, especially stepping out of an air-conditioned building at night into the oven-heat. Delicious. Nice blog...

onlooker said...

hmm ya can understand why you enjoy walking into the oven-heat! :) thanks for stopping by.