Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sandstorms and Seagulls!

The Dust storm seems to have come to stay. Will be around for a while, it looks like, sometimes mild, sometimes descending with a vengeance shrouding the entire vicinity, with a thick blanket of fine swirling stand, and at times almost non-existent; but it’s there alright. And the strangest part being, geographically, it has been stated that the monsoon rains, towards the south-easterly direction in the globe, and the dust storms here, are connected. And so, as the dust and sand, goes through its angry journey across the desert lands, the rain unleashes itself on areas, just divided by a large expanse of ocean. How and why, it is beyond me, though of course it is all to do with the Elements of earth, going on with its routine, with some party days, thrown in, I guess.

Watching the waves in its incessant trips to the shore, is always a pleasure. And getting to see the seagulls making its rounds, perching on a stray boulder or a boat, is interesting too. The view from the tower in Al-Kout, is something I always look forward to. Somehow, suddenly you seem to rise above the motley crowd of human race, and get to be with nature, with just a few flights of steps. The rounded pebble like rocks which form the jetty, itself looks lovely and distinct; the sea line dotted with few bobbing boats, and the birds trying to catch their feed, wait patiently or keep hovering around, yet don’t come too near the shoreline. The coastline looks pretty impressive too, with the high-rise buildings reaching for the sky. Leaves one to wonder, however grand, imposing and luxurious man tries to make his creations (Al-kout Mall), what actually soothes your self, and brings in a sense of peace is of course the creations of nature, and its wonderful we get to find it, amidst our other pursuits. (Thanks to kuw son of flickr for this lovely breathtaking picture of the tower.)

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