Thursday, June 5, 2008


" Help rendered to another cannot be measured
by the extent of assistance imparted;
Its real measure is the recipient's worthiness. "(105)

This is indeed, not just an inspiring thought, but such a humbling one too. I mean, its always assumed that the giver is on a higher plane, and gains more points too!! But this totally challenges that concept. Its beautiful actually the thought, and coming from someone who passed this planet around the 200 BC era!! One of the pearls of wisdom of the Poet Thiruvalluvar, from the southern tip of India.

Such insights, such a lovely grasp of the oddities of human life in all its forms. While reading Thomas Hardy, struck me how thinkers and writers had this luxury of completely ransacking the human mind, at leisure, and then laying out all that they had found, and finally arrive at, theories as to, why people are, the way they are. And these theories most of them turn out to be real profound and so well scripted. In this period of diversified but short span interests and distractions, I think the time taken to ponder and ruminate on something is come in a wonderful form of 'Blogging'! So we are the unofficial 'thinkers' or maybe even the undisputed philosophers of this era!! That's a quirky thought!

The wind is almost howling as it blows against my window panes, and slightly the panes shudder. Yes it has been predicted to be a mild warm day, and its such a blessing I would think. Hope it lasts through the weekend.

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