Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Yann Martel's Life of Pi

The Life of Pi was interesting to say the least; a novel that effectively manages to transform you into a 12yr old lad,  'Pi' as he makes this indomitable journey across oceans, in a little bobbing boat.

It is slowly enthralling, a lullaby sort of book, which does not necessarily put you to sleep, but soothes you, as you slip into the folds of the little town of Pondicherry. The author manages to hold a conversation with the reader, a very direct one, where he draws you into his theories on religion, relationships and life at large, with consummate ease. 

Yes, it does have a lull, especially towards the end when you start yearning for land as much as the boy lost in sea does, his body shrivelled and dried to the bone, dusted with salt from the air, spirit almost squelched brutally, after many a battle with his once-sane mind. But the end does arrive, and you do make a landing, but find yourself having difficulty in bidding goodbye.

Not one of the 'truly awesome' books, but yes one that transcends you to places, where only the author and the reader are entitled to visit. Places that do not exist anywhere in the physical world, but captured and unfolded in those small grey pages, 'for your eyes only',  which is what a good book is all about.

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