Thursday, September 22, 2011

A different Life

During my stay in Trichy, this August, had an opportunity to get to know about a NGO organisation, New Life. It was a brief acquaintance and my association did not yield any fruitful results from my side. Was not able to contribute my time or help in a concrete, worthwhile form. But, it did leave an indelible mark. It opened up the fact that, there exists sections of society which we are totally unaware of,  or rather choose to be unaware of, and there is another faction of society who silently serve this neglected, but much in need-of-help section, who exists, camouflaged in every corner of our nation.

New Life carry on their services with the help of Donors and Sponsors but volunteers who pitch in, make all the difference I would think. When they gave me a brief sketch of their projects done so far, and the ongoing ones, I could see the level of commitment and sustained work put into it wholeheartedly. The successful attainment of several goals, achieved within a well knit network, reaching across a huge population in and around Trichy, holds testimony to this.

One of their projects involve identifying children who live in an environment deprived of moral or emotional support, an environment highly conducive to development of delinquent habits. This identification is done with help from Police Department, and subsequently these children are in a sense adopted by New Life. It is seen to that, the child completes his school education, atleast up to High School, and he or she is equipped vocationally, to enter society as an independent and productive member. This effort is greatly laudable as the follow up  is a long drawn process, which involves several hurdles, socially, economically and emotionally. Thanks to New Life which has consistently and effectively been carrying on this project for the past 15 years, there has been instances of many individuals, who lead a successful and meaningful life, head held high.

I have just touched upon a tip of an iceberg with regard to the services done and people's life being touched upon by Service organisations. But it was very heartening and inspiring to visit the centres and be an observer of the changes that are, and will be taking place in the chidlren's lives, instilling hope and self-belief, and heralding a promising, bright New Life.

This post is a part of BlogAdda's Bloggers Social Responsibility (BSR) initiative. I am exercising my BSR. You can too with three simple steps. Visit  and support the NGO's.


Reflections said...

Very interesting....thanks for sharing Vaidehi. We support an orphanage called Shishu Bhavan, a Mother Theresa organisation.
I dont do much just hand over cheques & visit them every year. Even then by the time I'm out of there I'm in tears & so drained after seeing the orphans and handicapped children.
Like u said, hats off to the volunteers and the people who work in these places.

vaidegi j said...

Nancy, what you are doing is no small contribution, or atleast done tell yourself that. You are making a contribution. And maybe at one point of time, we tend to move on to the next step.
And in places like ours, where we are sort of totally cut off from 'real life', need to keep ourselves in touch with the humane side, or it tends to get lost, completely. Frightening thought.

drift wood said...


At least the visit got u talking again!
You know, not to sound scathing abt this, but a lot of us give money or occasionally visit the orphanage to cut a cake & celebrate the kids' bday and thats that. I'm one of those too. But in a nation like ours, much more needs to be done.

CAO, New Life said...
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CAO, New Life said...

Dear Drift Wood, yes, I agree with you there is a lot to be done to this wonderful country. And there is one group which does things in spite of all constraints and there is another group which wants to do something and cant afford to spend their time. The best way to match is to contribute (physically and nowadays online volunteering is fast sprouting or financially) to the group working in this field. As a part of New Life, I take the privilege to invite you people to support us by contributing what best you can.

vaidegi j said...

@ dw:

good to have you here too! :)

My tuppence - this awareness that much more needs to be done, itself is a good start. seeds of an urge to to something, which eventually along with many like-minded people can bloom into something worthwhile. The simple gestures cannot be brushed aside I would think,though at some point it might need some proper channelisation.

Dee said...

Truly inspiring!!! It must have been so touching to see how these efforts help unfortunate much needs to be done, and we all should try in our own ways , wherever we are! Very nice post!!!

vaidegi j said...

@ dee :

thanks! yes you have put it aptly, we should be able to contribute in our own small ways, irrespective of our milieu.