Sunday, April 3, 2011

` Desert Farms '

It was after much deliberation we did leave the comforts of home, into the sandy highway, which was shrouded in a mist of grey hazy sky. It was not an ideal day for a picnic, but we had enough of staying indoors, the past 3 days, being National holidays. We had to get out somewhere, not yet another Mall. We started late, around 12, with some quickly packed light lunches. The drive was good, with some good converstation floating around, as always veering towards life in India vs Kuwait. 

As we neared Wafra, not knowing what to expect or what not to rather, we ended up going in circles, trying to find a farm-resort like setup, where we could pitch tent. But that was not to be, as there was hardly any movement, and activity in any form in that zone a zilch. But we did chance upon a roadside fruitseller, who drew our attention, and stepped down with a sigh, for having landed 'somewhere'! His fares were quite interesting, especially the Bhajiya chillies, and the huge red tomatoes too. Broccoli wasnt very impressive, the small 'ezhandhaplams' (bores) were. So with some boxes loaded, we set about looking out for some more impromptu stops. 

And lo where did we find ourselves but in the midst of a an almost busy junction, teeming with people, doing what, marketing ofcourse. There was this huge market right in the middle, acutely reminding one of many such back home. So entered all pumped up with excitement, at the prospect of setting eyes on veggies and fruits and sellers with whom we could actually talk about their wares, and maybe clinch a bargain too. When was the last time you got to do it? Maybe when you were sent on a emergency trip to the local market in Trichy? It was exciting, a rustic earthly atmosphere, nudging your way in, trying not to miss out the smaller or the lesser known species of both the botanical and the zoological kind.

The rabbits were a sight to behold, dressed up in their dainty skirts! The hens looked a tad different from their Indian counterparts, and the cocks had a more severe, but smaller comb. And there was a peacock too in this melee of two legged and four legged creatures caged or otherwise. Was an amazing experience.

More so, as here in Kuwait, we hardly get to lay eyes on any mobile zoological species around! As simple as that. Yes we have cats, plumpy ones at that, languid and would seem they are distant cousins of sloths. And yes, we have the small social group of sprightly sparrows with their lovely chirpings, which are music to ears, that are more tuned in to endless vroomning and screeching of cars and bigger cars.  So much so that the other day when we happened to see a huge herd of wooly sheep, gathered in flocks found myself showing signs of intense joy and excitement much to the disdain of a sceptical better half.

And so there are farms in Kuwait, however ironic that might sound, and it was wonderful visiting a crowded colourful noisy market. And got to know, that there is an animal shelter in Wafra, where they have pets for sale/adoption. Planning to make a trip, after I succeed in convincing 'authorities' at home that cats are benign cute adorable species, akin to its canine counterparts. Lets see how long that's going to take, wish me luck!


Anonymous said...

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