Monday, April 4, 2011

Our heroes

Zaheer khan you truly were a gem,
Munaf your whipping balls dug in,
Harbhajan your hands spun magic!
With charm and immaculate timing.

Raina you were as solid as ever,
Shewag you caught a stunner!
Shreeshanth you were, but a
mere rollicking entertainer.

Gambhir our hearts did lurch
and cried, for your missed ton.
Yuvraj you were a sparkling star,
twinkiling incessant, unlike none.

Sachin you firmly believed, and
so did the nation with you;
we turned our elusive dreams
come heart wrenchingly true.

Dhoni you were our dhoom dhoom
You were our gutsy valiant warrior
you slammed home the truth, that

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