Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sand Storm

Yes, we live in a desert, reigned by sand, and it was restated in no less means, on 25.03.2011, when the lands bordering the Arabian gulf, was swamped, smothered and benumbed by a monstrous sandstorm. It was an incredible experience, a natural phenomenon that one gets to see in the National Geographic Channel, as we lounge in the comforts of our drawing rooms. 

The strangest thing was that, we were totally unaware of the enormity of the event initially, and were happily clicking away pictures, close to the sea. The plan was to grab some coffee at the Cafe along the coast, with few friends. The sky seemed to change colours, and gave no indication of what lay in store. But when it did unleash its intent, found ourselves literally scurrying for cover, rushing to the nearest building, as fine sand particles seemed to overpower everything on its way, as a huge tidal wave would. 

As we were sort of huddled up inside the huge mall, it did hit me that, what was happening here is not much different from the Tsunami; Nature dictating terms, and not man, and when it does, - you are but a speck in space. It was a humbling moment, and a startling one too. The ride back along the highway, cars shrouded in dust, moving tentatively but intent on reaching home safe, was a sobering experience, one which will stay in memory for a while. 

The heartening part of the entire episode was that, except for the infiltration of sand carried from miles across, inside homes, hospitals, schools and airports, there were no major casualties. Mother nature had been kind, and we have been fortunate, and heart goes out to the ones on the other side of the world.

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